MND Header #02 Documentation

Modified on Thu, 22 Sep 2022 at 04:11 PM

ImagesBack to top

  • The header images can be changed by simply replacing the header1.jpg, header2.jpg, header3.jpg, and header4.jpg with your own in the images folder.
  • The images sizes are 338px wide by 450px high (header1.jpg & header4.jpg - the margin images), and 339 wide by 450px high (header2.jpg & header3.jpg - the middle images).

Site Title & URLBack to top

  • To add your site title in the header: Open index.html in your favourite editor → Search and edit <h1 class="site-title">.
  • Use the <span class="st1"> tag for the brown color, and the <span class="st2"> tag for the green color + different font + separate row.
  • To add your site URL in the header: Open index.html in your favourite editor → Search and edit <div class="site-url">.

StylingBack to top

  • The color blended over header1 and header3 can be changed in style.css:
    .header3 {
        background-color: rgba(75,214,162,.25);
        background-blend-mode: multiply;

    RGB value must be used, in order to make opacity work. The RGB value of a color can be found using sites like ColorHexa - replace the first 3 values in the background-color. The forth value is the opacity, you can also change it to suit your header.
  • The Middle Half-diamonds section in style.css holds the style for the top and bottom half-diamonds effects. You can remove them both, or only one of them.
  • In the Site Title + URL section in style.css you can change the colors, fonts, sizes for the website name and site URL.
  • You can change/remove the background image for the site URL in the class site-url, and the mask color + opacity in the class mask2.

Last StepsBack to top

  • Make a screenshot of the page.
  • Open/copy the screenshot in an image editor like XnView.
  • Crop the header at the dimensions you want, then save it as .jpg or .png.

BrowsersBack to top

The background-blend-mode used for the color filter over header1 and header3 is supported by the latest versions of Firefox and Chrome.
A full display of browsers supporting this CSS effect can be found at

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