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InstallationBack to top

Thank you for choosing MND CPG22! You can install your new theme using a FTP client:

  • Extract the file in your computer.
  • Upload the extracted folder to the themes folder of your Coppermine installation.

After installing the theme, you can activated it in the configuration panel: Config → Themes settings → Theme.

CustomizationBack to top

Site Information

To add your information to the gallery, open template.html in your favourite editor and edit the placeholder data.

Top Bar

  • Primary Menu: Your site's main menu.
  • Responsive Menu Label: Change the label of the menu in the responsive version.
  • Social Menu: Links to your site's social profiles.
  • Top Bar Site Title: The website name to appear on the theme.


  • Footer Social Icons Menu: Links to your site's social profiles.
  • Footer Credits: By default displays copyright, year, site title, and credits. Mandatory.
  • Footer Disclaimer: Post your site disclaimer, terms of use, other relevant info.

Header Image

The header image can be changed by simply replacing header.jpg in the images folder with your own. The header image size is unlimited wide by 520px high.

Color Scheme

If you want to use the dark color scheme, rename the file style-dark.css to style.css.


To change a color everywhere at once with your own, simply open to edit style.css and use the function Search and replace all.

Accent Color

MND CPG22 uses #db002c as an accent color.

Other Colors

Other hues found in the stylesheet:

Light Version

  • #1f1f1f: primary black.
  • #242424: secondary black.
  • #5c5c5c: dark grey.
  • #a8a8a8: primary grey.
  • #dbdbdb: secondary grey.

Dark Version

  • #fff: primary white.
  • #dbdbdb: secondary white.
  • #5c5c5c: primary grey.
  • #818181: secondary grey.

MND CPG22 supports 2 menus: a primary menu, plus a menu for your social profiles.

Primary Menu

Open template.html in your favourite editor and edit the placeholder data.

Social Icons Menu & Footer Social Icons Menu

Open template.html in your favourite editor and simply add the URL for each of your social profiles. The theme will detect which site you are linking to and display the matching icon.

Icons are supported for the following sites: Facebook, Flickr, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Spotify, Tumblr, Twitter, Vimeo, VK, Yahoo, Youtube,, Email (URLs with /contact/, /contact or mailto:), RSS Feed (URLs with rss, feed=, /feed/ or /feed).

For the Footer Social Icons Menu, also edit the name of the social profiles in the <span> elements.

MiscellaneousBack to top

Ad Codes

MND CPG22 supports two 728x90 ad codes: one above the fold, and a second one below the fold, before the footer credits.

Thumbnail Dimensions

If you want to style the photo's dimensions below the thumbnail, open the style.css file and find the .thumb_dimensions class (line 660).

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